A reflection of “On This Day…”

As it has come to the end of my blogging journey, I have decided to take a moment and stop to reflect on the blogging process. Thanks so much for reading!

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The Leader in 2014: the last issue of the year

As I come to the end of this blogging journey, my mind has moved from the past to the present. Yesterday, we published our very last issue of The Leader of the year. We have come very far in just one year, let alone the 70 plus years of Leaders I have been looking at!

Yesterday’s issue received attention across campus, as it featured a word search that included every name in the senior class. The word search was promoted in campus PR and featured on http://www.Fredonia.edu. We were happy to see our hard work recognized, and hoped that the campus was having fun completing it!

Here is the link on Fredonia.edu I hope that all of our predecessors on The Leader would be proud of where we are today.

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A crafty collaboration

My friend Melissa and I decided to get together to discover what we could do with newspaper’s beyond reading! Be sure to check out her blog “Curbside Rubbish” at http://curbsiderubbish.wordpress.com/ for more crafty ideas!

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Guest Blog Post: From Trash to Treasure

Cheers folks! I’m Melissa, creator of the blog “Curbside Rubbish” and friend of Maggie’s. Maggie and I have spent long hours together working on our campus paper, The Leader, so many hours in our boring white walled office have been spent and will continue to be spent in the following semesters. I’m a firm believer in bringing the comforts and joys of home into a space that might otherwise be considered as not so homey. That being said, I collaborated with Maggie to combine her love for newspapers and my love for crafts to make quick and easy décor pieces for our office.

With mason jars, vases, Modge Podge, and old issues of The Leader in hand, Maggie and I spent a fun hour together making newspaper overlay containers to house our endless supply of markers and pens, and a few silk flowers to add in some pretties.

Maggie and I chose this project because we wanted to create something very cheap and easy to bring cheer into the office. And let’s be honest, Maggie isn’t much of a crafter so this is a very simple DIY project for crafters of all ages. It can get a little messy, but it’s all about the fun of the experience, not to mention the end result! Modge Podge is one of my favorite supplies and in my opinion; it is a staple of the crafting world. It is both an adhesive and a sealer, making it so easy to decoupage on any surface. It dries fast, it’s crystal clear, and it comes in a variety of finishes such as matte, gloss, glitter and more. It is also super accessible because it can be purchased at any craft store, as well as superstores like Wal-Mart and Target.

The collaboration with Maggie is one of the most important things I took away from our crafting afternoon. She blogs about the history of SUNY Fredonia and issues of The Leader from decades back, so tying in that history with the creation of something to last for future years was a very intriguing dynamic. Maggie and I still have a year left before graduation, but creating these little knick-knacks for the future staff of The Leader is our little way to leave a mark on the publication that has defined our college careers.

Stay tuned for a video of Maggie and I getting messy in the office!

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Guest blog post: a newspaper craft adventure!

Curbside Rubbish

Hello “Curbside Rubbish” readers! I am Maggie Gilroy, a friend and classmate of Melissa. I also am the creator of “On This Day in Fredonia,” a blog about old newspapers. Since Melissa and I are in our blogging class together, we decided to collaborate and make a video for our respective blogs. We combined Melissa’s love of crafting with my interest in newspapers and took part in a fun newspaper craft!

Unlike Melissa, I am not a crafty person. I haven’t taken an art class since high school, am not good at working with my hands and tend to freak out when anyone asks me to create something. So, thankfully, we chose a fun and simple craft. That craft consisted of decorating old mason jars and vases with newspapers (and naturally chose copies of The Leader from this past year). It was simple and cheap: we just had to cut…

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The Leader Today Part 2: An interview with Sylvana Dussan

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The Leader Today: Part 1

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